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Miele Bags Style FJM (Geinuine) (4 Pack)

Miele Bags Style FJM (Geinuine) (4 Pack)


Manufacturer Part#: 10123220
Miele Type FJM AirClean 3D Efficiency Vacuum Bags 4 Bags & 2 Filters
The Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Dustbags are equipped with an Auto-Seal, self-locking collar that keeps microscopic dust and allergens safely trapped inside, so you never have to worry about releasing the lung-damaging particulates, dust and allergens you just captured back into the air, even during disposal. The New Soft Structure allows your vacuum to operate efficiently while using a lower suction setting.

Suitable for: Miele canister vacuum cleaners: S200 series, S300 series, S500 series, S4000 series, S6000 series, Compact C1, & Compact C2 Series Canister Vacuums.


4 Genuine Miele bags
2 filters (1 bag chamber filter and 1 SuperAir Clean filter)
Virtually rip-proof
100% random spun fibers
3D efficiency allows dust bag to use entire volume
Eco-Efficiency allows the vacuum to have maximum efficiently at low settings
99.9% Of all dust captured
Soft Structure allows air to pass through smoothly
Auto closure Air Clean color coded collar
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