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Heavy Duty 32 0z Mop Head

Heavy Duty 32 0z Mop Head

Perfect for scrubbing, damp mopping and all-purpose cleaning.

4-ply Starline looped cotton yarn mop for tangle-free mopping.

Blended yarns provide excellent durability and absorption.
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    Product Life Cycle Innovation
    Golden Star understands that there is more to the value of our products than just cleaning, therefore we have dedicated ourselves
    to the education of our customers and the innovation of an eco-friendly product line for a greener tomorrow.
    From Trash to Treasure
    Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET, is used to make high-impact resistant containers.
    Everyday products such as soda bottles, water bottles and many househ
    products create PET waste. According to the Container Recycling Institute, more
    than 116 billion beverage containers are thrown away, littered and incinerated
    When we are able to take ordinary PET plastic bottles and turn them into high-
    grade dust control products, we make a significant impact on everyday waste.
    Our Scepter™ looped-end mops are made with 76% post- consumer content,
    of which 30% is PET plastic.
    Another source of recycled material for our mops comes from
    recycled cotton fibers. Using fibers from clothing, linens or
    other fabrics, we are able to produce mops with up to 93%
    post-consumer recycled fibers. Our dust mops may contain up
    to 60% post-consumer recycled fibers.
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