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Electrolux Bags Style C (12 Pack)

Electrolux Bags Style C (12 Pack)

Manufacturer Part#: 405132
Electrolux Generic C Bags Canister (pack of 12) 405132
Suitable for: All Metal canister models L, E G, 1205, Super J, Golden J, Silverado, Diamond Jubilee, Grand Marquise, Marquise, Ultralux Epic 6000, LE, Special Edition, Lux Legacy canister and many other models. EXCEPT Model XXX, Renaissance, Epic 8000, Guardian, Ultralux 2000 and Lux 9000, models.

For optimum performance:

Change your vacuum bag every 2 to 3 months to maximize cleaning and keep your home free of dirt and dust.
Change vacuum bags before they are full in order to keep your vacuum running efficiently.
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