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Deluxe Bare Floor Kit

Deluxe Bare Floor Kit

 Bare Floor Attachment Kits designed for homes with BARE FLOORS and MINIMAL, LOW PILE CARPETING or Area/bathroom rugs. This attachment set comes with a crush-proof 1 3/8" diameter hose which has a 360° swivel handle to give you a great angle for cleaning any spot. The handle also features an air-relief valve to reduce airflow when cleaning more delicate draperies and upholstery. The handle also has a ON/OFF switch (most competitors give you a basic with no on/off) It also includes two lexon extension tubes with a convenient tool storage bag and a hose hanger. The slim profile of the crevice tool allows the user to clean in tight corners and narrow spaces. Bare Floor Attachment Kits offer cleaning power with non-motorized accessories. This kit is considered a straight "air suction kit". Customers also use this kit as a second utility kit, typically stored in another area.
  • Details

    Hose kits are available in 3 sizes.
    30', 35, 40'
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