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Basic Central Vacuum Hose

Basic Central Vacuum Hose

 A basic hose is designed to fit 99.9% of all central vacuum wall inlets today! The crush proof basic hose simply put is the most basic hose in the central vacuum industry. Also know as a straight suction hose just insert the end of the hose into the wall inlet and the metal connection on the end of the hose completes the low voltage circuit turning the central vacuum on.
Instantly you will have suction once the hose is inserted. When the hose is removed from the wall inlet the signal is interrupted then causing the central vacuum to stop.
These basic central vacuum hoses come built in with a air relief valve in the handle portion of the hose. This allows for hassle free operation and the ability to increase suction for maximum cleaning power or decrease the suction for the most delicate of fabrics such as oriental, area and throw rugs, curtains, drapes and upholstery! All basic hoses come with a secure button lock system opposed to a friction fit.
These hoses come in three different sizes, typically an inch and one quarter interior diameter allowing standard air flow we suggest the new larger inch and three eights interior diameter. The larger diameter increases suction, allows better air flow and reduces the chance of blockages and clogs by up to 20%!
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